Nuketown Zombies – Eat my heart out

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Nuketown Zombies

Ahhh yes, there’s nothing quite like the smell of rotting flesh in the air. Creaking wood, mushroom clouds, brains… BRAINS! You can’t have mine!

Nuketown Zombies is not just a survival map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2; it’s filled with zombie pwning wonders of which the experience is more thrilling than stroking a unicorn’s mane. Now it’s been a while since I’ve delved into any zombie maps, so the outdoors thing is a bit new to me, but considering the storyline leading up to this map I’d say it’s been done pretty damn well. Needles to say play with friends for maximum fun!

Nuketown Zombies follows up after the end of the multiplayer level from Black Ops 1. In a nutshell, CIA and CDC agents investigate the revival of dead soldiers and well, you can just imagine what happens after that. A different class of zombies is refreshing in contrast to their look, it’s about time that we start blowing the heads off undead other than just soldiers. The Nuketown map is filled with clever Easter eggs and perks and best of all, guns! Lots and lots of shiny guns! The classic arsenal consisting of sub-machine guns and shotties, and lots more. There are about 35 different weapons to use on this map; so far it’s the only map where the M27 and LSAT are available. This doesn’t mean that the parents of the over-the-age-of-17 kids should worry about; I doubt there are going to be innocent undead roaming the streets soon. Should there be such an outbreak, you’ll be pretty glad your man-child spent so many hours shooting zombies in the face.

Black Ops 2 Zombies

Usually I’d just run around like a mad person shooting off rounds into zombie heads, but on Nuketown there’s just so much you can do to make the game more fun. You start off spawning in the middle and from there on there are all sorts of perks you can go and unlock, for points of course. Perks and the Pack-a-Punch-Machine will spawn randomly. To remove debris or open doors for extra perks, you’ll also have to spend some points, but once you’ve done that you have access to awesome weapons. The fun in Nuketown is trying to find all the hidden loot while trying to stay alive. You can crawl through gaps or drop down to other areas of the map.

You can unlock a number of easter eggs by doing certain things, these are all reference to previous events in the franchise if you’re a big fan. Nuketown strongly focuses on keeping some kind of consistency in storyline, although it might be one of the things the average zombie map player will be least interested in, because of the survival mayhem. It’s great to see that the map caters for gamers with intellectual interests as well as gamers just looking for pure chaotic fun.

Nuketown Zombies is only available to gamers who purchased the special editions of the game, Hardened Package, Care Package or Digital deluxe Edition as well as those who’ve purchased the Season Pass. The Season Pass gives you access to Nuketown, an exclusive calling card and four DLC packs, and some awesome other features!

Last Updated: February 1, 2013

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