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Nvidia apologises for the RTX 3080 launch being overrun by scalpers and bots

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It was a weird week for technology launches, huh? While Sony got out there and disappointed plenty of folks with its sloppy and mismanaged PlayStation 5 pre-orders, Nvidia was struggling with its own problems. With the launch of the RTX 3000 series of GPUs, Nvidia wasn’t prepared for the number of bots and scalpers they’d be facing the second the new GPUs were available for purchase. Nvidia released a statement last night addressing the problem within, which they apologised for the mess surrounding the launch but also confirmed to people that more 3080s were on the way.


As you’d expect, Nvidia started off its blog post with a great deal of praise for the launch. “Last week’s GeForce RTX 3080 launch was simultaneously the best GPU launch ever and the most frustrating. The reception to our NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs has been off the charts and driven interest to heights we’ve never previously experienced,” reads the blog. Yet that success was also the downfall of the launch as Nvidia admits that they weren’t prepared enough, both in terms of legitimate customers flooding its website but also in combatting harmful bots looking to soak up as much stock as possible for shady resellers.

As with many other retailers, the NVIDIA Store was also overrun with malicious bots and resellers. To combat this challenge we have made the following changes: we moved our NVIDIA Store to a dedicated environment, with increased capacity and more bot protection. We updated the code to be more efficient on the server load. We integrated CAPTCHA to the checkout flow to help offset the use of bots… and more efforts are underway.

At least they know there was a problem and have taken steps to fix it, right?


Fortunately, for those of you who missed out Nvidia also reassured would-be customers that more stock was in-bound. “The GeForce RTX 3080 is in full production. We began shipping GPUs to our partners in August, and have been increasing the supply weekly… we understand that many gamers are unable to buy a GeForce RTX 3080 right now and we are doing everything we can to catch up quickly,” said Nvidia.

So don’t go about feeling left out just yet. You’ll get your chance and, hopefully, it won’t be ruined by scalpers.

Last Updated: September 22, 2020

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