Nvidia is going to make Assassin’s Creed Unity look rather pretty

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They all look like console peasants from up here

And the Nvidia/AMD war continues! PC will always have the best potential for video game visuals, depending on how deep your pockets are. And depending on your brand loyalty (DOWN WITH THAT GRAPHICS CARD COMPANY!), you could be in for an optimised experience. With Assassin’s Creed Unity, expect to eat the very best of digital cake, according to Nvidia at least.

Provided that you’re rocking a GeForce GTX card and that this video isn’t complete bullshot, those are some pretty damn gorgeous graphics. As the video detailed, there’s some magic from Hogwarts here with horizon bases ambient occlusion technology that makes for better shadows, lighting and overall performance while temporal anti-aliasing helps stick a knife in the back of any of those lingering jagged edges and flickering images.

So far, Assassin’s Creed Unity has had a softer look to me, which isn’t a bad thing at all. In a way, it feels like the art direction leaned towards recreating an oil painting feel in the game, based on the colours and application of PCSS (Percentage close software shadows). The game really does look magnificent in action, and it has come a long way since we saw it in action at E3.

But I’m most likely going to have to sell several of Geoff’s organs in order to afford the necessary hardware to really run Unity. If he has any working ones left that is. The game is out later in November. Start saving your pennies and console scorn for the necessary hardware if you’re going for the full visual experience on this stunner.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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