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NY Times – Blu-Ray To Win

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 The New York times this week has published an article predicting the doom of the HD DVD. Blu-Ray has outsold HD DVD for the first two months of this year and more and more people are now saying that Blu-Ray is going to win…

Personally I don’t care who wins as long as someone does, either way though there are going to be a lot of very unhappy people out there with players on the wrong side of the fence…

I always think that in wars like this sitting on the fence is the best idea around…. Two quotes from opposing sides follow and then you can follow the link to the original story….

[How is this related to gaming?
Blu-Ray –> PS3
HD DVD –> Xbox 360!
Obviously :)]

“The format war is in its final phase,” crows Steve Feldstein of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, which, like Sony and Disney, is releasing titles exclusively on Blu-ray. “It’s never been a question of if Blu-ray will pass HD DVD, but a matter of when.”

Graffeo blames the recent surge for Blu-ray on the paucity of new titles on HD DVD – about half the number of titles released by Blu-ray since the beginning of the year – and argues Blu-ray sales are actually much lower than you would expect, given the huge number of PS3s out there.

“You can’t determine a trend over a couple of months,” says Graffeo, who notes that total sales for both formats are roughly equal since their introductions last year.

Source: BLU-RAY ASCENDING By LOU LUMENICK – Entertainment – New York Post Online Edition

Last Updated: March 15, 2007

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