Obsidian’s itching to make Fallout: New Vegas 2

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fallout new vegas 2

In a very interesting and awesome interview on Rock Paper Shotgun, Obsidian Entertainment spilled the beans on their plans for the next Fallout game. By the looks of it, they’ve put some thought into it, meaning we could possibly see a new Fallout game developed in the near future.

“Oh, we’d love to do Fallout: New Vegas 2,” said Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart. But that’s not to say it will be a New Vegas 2. Urquhart says that it could be a new Fallout altogether, possibly Fallout LA.

“If I think of going from Fallout 1 to Fallout 2, we tried to associate the two areas somewhat closely,” he explained to RPS. “It wasn’t just ‘Oh, we’re gonna do this 2,000 miles from here.’ So I think if we were to do Fallout: New Vegas 2 – or just a new Fallout – we would probably separate it from what the internal team at Bethesda’s doing. We’d keep it on the West Coast, because we’re West Coast people. They’re East Coast, so it makes sense.”

“And we need an interesting confined area. So I mean, it could be LA. Fallout LA. That could be interesting. It’d probably be The Boneyard, which is from Fallout 1. It could be very different. It could be almost a Walking Dead meets Fallout-like thing because of all the radiation.”

In the interview Urquhart stated that they (Obsidian) talk to Bethesda all the time, Bethesda published the majority of the franchise’s titles, including New Vegas. However Urquhart doesn’t feel like Bethesda will be the challenge when it comes to making the new game, but rather the industry. In particular “what does all the [current] console crap mean?” Urquhart continues saying that the challenge lies in this period of time where there is this obvious console transition as well as the “emergence of” mobile and free to play games.

And here’s where I agree with him. This shift in the industry has left us with a bitter taste in our mouths. Just look at Dead Space 3, and most new games releasing. Developers have to cater for new audiences, changing all the best things about games. Lack of true horror games, every game is almost forced to have multiplayers and multiplatform has become a must. Consoles get exclusivity deals (cough, cough Xbox!) and PC gamers are left hanging. At least the next BioShock will cater for a niche PC audience.

All that being said, bring on some more Fallout!

Last Updated: February 13, 2013

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