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Oculus going commercial

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Oculus VR money

The Oculus is one of, if not the biggest innovations we’ve seen in gaming in a long time. Sure, new consoles are cool and I really want one, but it’s the Oculus that scores the big points for bringing something new to the table. And now, it can bring it to your table.

Remember the 90s? Well, back then there was a web browser called Netscape that was awesome. Netscape founder, Marc Andreessen founded a venture capital firm. That firm, Andreessen Horowitz venture capital, has now raised a ridiculous $75 million from investors – a huge sum of money that will go towards staffing up to build a commercial version of the Oculus VR goggles.

Oculus is hiring, and hasn’t yet set a date for commercial launch. For those who aren’t aware:

Oculus VR previously raised $16 million in a Series A, $2.4 million through its Kickstarter campaign – almost 10 times its fundraising goal – and has sold more than 40,000 Oculus Rift development kits to date to developers that are actively supporting the headset.

I know a lot of people still aren’t sold on the Oculus. Many of us were burned by the crappy VR of the the last decades. However, this does look different. I mean, this tower defense idea looks pretty cool, and this horror game within a game on Oculus looked really creepy. Some of you might be excited about the idea of Titanfall getting Oculus support, but nothing really compares with the inevitable sex games in VR.

I’m amped for the Oculus – I think there are a lot of opportunities for it and I’d certainly like to pick one up. I wonder if I would struggle with my FP nausea, or if it would be easier because it’s like reality – not a camera angle. I mean, I don’t get motion sickness from looking around my room. I’d love it if I could pick up one of these commercially. Of course, I wonder what the price might be when it comes onto the market.

Last Updated: December 13, 2013

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