Official Fable 2 site unlocks treasures in-game

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With Fable 2‘s release date just a week away now, it’s probably about time that Lionhead Studios launched an official website for the game. But for a game as huge as Fable 2, they couldn’t just launch any plain old website. No, they had to concoct a grand Flash puppet-show/interactive story to introduce the tale behind your character.

As the story unfolds, you’re presented with various choices, which in turn affect the course of the whole plot. At the end, you’ll receive one of five possible prizes, depending on the choices you make (a more “nice” approach will grant you a chicken suit, for example). This item can then be tied to your Gamertag for use in the actual game once you purchase it.

Here’s the catch though: 1up reported that they heard from several sources that you actually need to visit this website in order to unlock at least one treasure chest in the game. Apparently, there’s one chest located in a frequently visited location in the game that prompts you to visit the game’s official website in order to unlock it. That’s not so bad, but I’d still hate to be the person going about their merry way to avenge their parents’ death only to be told, “Hey, you. Get up and go to this website. We’re not giving you cool stuff until you do.”

Last Updated: October 15, 2008

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