Oh Dear, Link doesn’t like me

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While I was suffering at the cricket yesterday Darryn posted up a story about the local character Link Reynolds who we first saw proposing to his Zelda at Rage this year (which ended badly).

Yesterday he was apparently buying a sword, which I thought was hilarious. That is until I received the video below in my inbox.

Apparently Mr Reynold’s is a fan of Lazygamer but not me. His funny little quest takes a bit a pit of a psycho turn when he gets down to my comment about Zelda maybe not liking him and now I have a psycho with a sword who is apparently upset with me.


So to try and get out of trouble I thought we could maybe help Link find a Zelda that he can print out and put up on his wall. I’m struggling to find a real life Zelda though unless this guy is obsessed with Nelson Mandela’s spokesperson, Zelda la Grange?

Last Updated: November 18, 2011

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