Oh deer, look at this cheating carnage in GTA V PC

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Oh deer

You know what the best thing is about a game being properly ported over from console to PC? It’s not the bump in visuals, the joy in seeing fellow gamers experience a masterpiece or the eventual massive discount in a Steam Sale. It’s the fact that you can massively cheat the game system. I’m not here to discuss ethics, because just having such an option that doesn’t impact on other gamers, is bloody wonderful. And GTA V has plenty of cheats already, including one that allows you to morph into animals and keep on playing the game.

Developed by Alexander Blade over on the GTA Forums , it’s called Scripthook and what the trainer does is not only allow you to see with the eyes of the HAWK(Hawk…Hawk…Hawk) but to turn into various critters and experience the game with new physics. It’s all lifted from that other part of Grand Theft Auto V, which allowed players to track down peyote and trip some serious balls. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Scripthook also only works in the single-player mode, so don’t expect to be go into GTA Online and find killer deers gunning for you. The mod plays around with the laws of physics in GTA V and allows for teleportation, tweaks to weapons and alterations to the GTA world state. Most importantly however, the Scripthook mod also allows for other modders to add scripts, and come up with their own crazy additions to GTA V.

Now to see what else the PC modding community comes up with. Which is usually crazier than eating actual peyote.

Last Updated: April 24, 2015

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