Oh Noes… Codemasters confirms that we won’t be getting a F1 2010 Demo

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Generally when a company refuses to release a demo for a game I instantly think that the game itself will be subpar and that they are simply trying to manage the market to ensure top rate sales.

However we played F1 2010 at E3 this year and it was incredible so I am hoping Codemasters excuse for not releasing a demo is true and not some misguided attempt to hide it’s flaws.

According to Codemasters’ Ian Webster, Community Manager, the demo won’t be released

Due to the nature of the game, and its layers of licensed content, it will not be possible to make a cut-down, limited content sample that would serve as a demo for F1 in 2010 within our production deadlines

Oh and that video above is a new one if you were interested.

Source: Official Forums

Last Updated: July 19, 2010

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