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Old stock or bad advertising?

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360 Core for sale

One of our readers, Fox1, spotted an interesting advert in the most recent edition of NAG magazine… According to the advert you can pick up a Xbox 360 core unit with one wired controller, one wireless controller and a copy of PGR4…

Now the question is whether or not the Core in question is actually an Arcade with a wired controller or are we looking at old or refurbished stock with a free wireless controller?

We posted previously about Microsoft selling repaired consoles as new in Europe and I was of the opinion then that it was okay IF it was clearly marked as a second hand console.

Take the above offer for example, Xbox 360 console (R1999), Wireless Controller (R350) and PGR4 (R499) which means you are saving R849 making the console itself a miniscule R1150…. I’d pay that for a repaired console with a full warranty…

I have emailed Incredible Connection to see if I can get a response from them…

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

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