One new Dragon Age Inquisition screenshot

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Wow, I thought the guys from The Division were bad, giving us two screenshots at a time. Now the good people of Bioware see fit to taunt us even more, dishing out a measly one screenshot. We’re promised more, soon, but c’mon!

On Facebook and twitter, Bioware has shown off a mighty pretty new screenshot of the Dales: Exalted Planes. They claim that more is coming next week, but so far, this is all we’ve got:

DAI dale exalted plains

While Gavin proved that he’s high in the morning by pointing out rock formations that looked like faces, I’ve got to say that as a screenshot, this is incredibly beautiful. If this is what the game is going to look like throughout, I’m going to need to upgrade my eyeballs for viewing pleasure. No really – I’m seriously getting hyped about this game, and the visuals (even though they only come in bits and pieces) are impressive. There is no choice, I’m going to need this on my PS4 – this game was built for the new generation and it would be a disservice to the artists to play it on my PS3 or Xbox 360.

I really do have mixed feelings about the ways studios show off games. I love getting more information, earlier in the development cycle. It feels like we know more and see more of games way before they’re released. That said, it also starts to feel like all they’re doing is feeding the hype train. Plus, it can seriously cramp creative processes when they show things off that maybe shouldn’t be shown.

Still, this is a beautiful image. If the rest of the game looks like this, it will truly be something to behold. The gameplay and story appears to be just as impressive and varied. Of course, with 40 different endings, it’s going to take me a while, but (like Pokémon) I’ve got to catch them all!

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

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