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OnLive pokes Sony and yet misses the point

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OnLive is the cloud gaming service that was apparently going to relegate the console to the history books and revolutionise gaming for all. As such you can imagine they aren’t overly ecstatic about the Sony acquisition of Gaikai and the UK boss has decided to voice his opinion.

Bruce Grove has been speaking to Edge magazine about the viability of cloud gaming and the deal with Sony and had this pearl of wisdom

I think it kind of defeats the purpose of cloud gaming to limit it to a subset of devices, The whole point of putting anything into the cloud is to make it available on everything.

The whole reason I have a Dropbox account is that I want to access my files from any device – it doesn’t matter whether it’s my Samsung phone or my iPad, PC or Mac. That’s the key to the idea of cloud technology

Now that sounds great and all but there is a clear problem here that Bruce is missing, OnLive isn’t available on any device it’s available on any device that can plug into their own propriety console.

You can’t just plug your TV into the OnLive service and start gaming you need to purchase an OnLive microconsole that you will then plug into your TV or tablet or phone.

This is exactly what Sony is offering with Gaikai and exactly what anyone else can offer if they put up the infrastructure and provide a box.

OnLive is just coming across as irritated that they lost out to Gaikai on this deal.

Last Updated: August 1, 2012

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