Only in Japan : Gothic Lolita Shooter Underpants

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In Japan, bullet-hell shoot-em-ups requiring inhuman reflexes – like those propagated by Treasure and Cave – are very popular. In Japan, Gothic Lolita fashion – a sort of hybrid fashion born out of designs originating from Victorian England is also very popular. It stands to reason (does it?) that the two would meet, giving rise to the Gothic Lolita Bullet Hell Shooter. Deathsmiles, released on arcade in 2007 and ported to the 360 in 2009 is just such a game – featuring hundreds of thousands of bullets as well as 9 year old goth girls the series has proven quite popular.

Popular enough indeed to spawn some clothing. Of course, being Japan regular  clothing isn’t acceptable.

Instead, what male japanese fans of the game can purchase is a set of Deathsmiles underwear. Not particularly unusual, until you consider that this particular underwear is made to look like lacy girl’s underthings. I can only assume this is intended for that niche market of males who have transsexual cross-dressing tendencies, but are beset by shame, fear or common sense.


Last Updated: August 18, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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