Operation Moonfall has plans for the next Zelda 3DS game

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Enjoying Ocarina of time, the legendary cult classic Zelda game that has been ported onto almost every Nintendo console around, and was finally released onto the 3DS earlier this year? Fans and critics have been raving at how well the cult favourite Zelda game has transitioned itself onto the 3DS, paving the way for future re-releases of Zelda games. And it seems that the fans want to see that other memorable title, Majora’s mask, get the 3D treatment next.

Thanks to Nintendo’s comment about Majora’s Mask being a sure thing on the 3DS, provided that enough fans begged for it, Operation Moonfall was set up in order to gather enough votes, signatures and petitions with which to achieve this dream.

Fans have already begun emailing and phoning Nintendo, with an online petition making the rounds as well. Fan site Zelda Universe is rallying as many fans as possible for the initiative, updating everyone on the progress made so far.

So, if you’re in desperate for an adventure game that will have you chanting “three more days” constantly, you know where to go to. Now I’m going to start my own petition, Operation Wake the bloody wind already, so that we can get The Wind Waker on handhelds as well.

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Last Updated: July 29, 2011

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