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Orisa is live in Competitive Overwatch

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I’m  still somewhat disappointed Orisa’s reveal wasn’t met with as much hype as Sombra’s, but nonetheless the new champion got some careful consideration from Blizzard as well a nice addition to the storyline of Overwatch. Orisa is unique in many ways: the project of a young genius, Orisa needed some fine tuning before making her way into competitive Overwatch. She released last week and had a whole week of play in public test matches before her debut, and North Americans are already jumping at the opportunity to try her out in competitive.

Orisa’s use in competitive is still up for debate as the current meta promotes a more “diving” tank strategy that’s more aggressive, as opposed to the current defensive outlook from Orisa. She hasn’t seen much professional play either as she still needs to figure out exactly where she stands in the game. She’s fun for stopping heroes’ abilities and disrupting a few major ultimates, but when it comes to the actual competitive side of Overwatch she’s somewhat lost. That’s no surprise, though, as new heroes often take some time to enter the meta and be truly tested by the upper echelons of the professional scene. Regardless of her slow start, Orisa is going to be a great addition once her niche abilities are figured out and implemented into competitive play.

Last Updated: March 29, 2017

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