Other OS running on firmware PS3 3.21

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If you were one of the handful of people running OtherOS on your big black box of Blu-ray, I hope you haven’t updated to firmware 3.21 already. Why?

True to his hacker word, George Hotz has gotten the feature running on Sony’s latest PS3 firmware – which was intended to remove the ability, citing “security concerns.”

Furthermore, George Hotz says his “custom firmware” may actually enable the feature on PS3 slims, which shipped sans OtherOS – and that it doesn’t require the unit to be opened at all. He recommends waiting until he releases the hack – which will be when it’s ready, you impatient bugger – before trying to update.

George Hotz is still adamant that his custom firmware will not allow for piracy – so don’t bother waiting for the hack if that’s your nefarious intention. What I wouldn’t mind – and I’m sure many of you would agree – is if the custom firmware could allow for setting the unit to be region free. the PS3 makes a pretty damned excellent upscaling DVD player – and I have a whole stack of DVD’s from other regions I wouldn’t mind watching again.

You can read more over at his blog.

Last Updated: April 8, 2010

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