Our local cosplay is on fire

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Cosplay (13)

You know how much we love cosplay around here, and every year I just get so damn happy to see our local scene get more and more creative with their efforts. But if you want your cosplay to last, you’re going to need some digital help. And nothing captures a great costume and pose like some brilliant photography.

Big thanks and a massive bucket of win to Kyle Goulden today for these great pics, of his recent efforts to make cosplay photography more exciting. We’ve got samples here of his work from rAge 2013, and beyond. Check ‘em out, and if you’re wondering who the cosplayers are, click this Facebook link, as well as this one.

Cosplay (1)Cosplay (2)Cosplay (3)Cosplay (4)Cosplay (5)Cosplay (6)Cosplay (7)Cosplay (8)Cosplay (9)

Cosplay (25)Cosplay (10)Cosplay (11)Cosplay (12)Cosplay (13)Cosplay (14)Cosplay (15)Cosplay (26)Cosplay (16)Cosplay (27)Cosplay (21)Cosplay (24)

Cosplay (18)Cosplay (19)Cosplay (20)Cosplay (22)Cosplay (23)Cosplay (17)

Like what you see? Check out Kyle’s website here and give the guy the kind of love that only money and an unlimited credit card account can buy. And then spend the rest of your year crafting something awesome for whichever con you’re attending. I’m working on something once again for rAge this year. And I’ll give you a clue as to what it is: BATMAN!

And that’s why I don’t dress as the Riddler.

Last Updated: January 28, 2014

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