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Our Mysterious USB Flash Stick Arrives From The U.S

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Being in South Africa, stuff takes a little bit of time to get to us. Which basically means that if we were all spies, and this USB stick containing a code needed to be deciphered, we would have arrived a bit late to the Office party.

It has finally arrived though, and thanks to it being late we get to live up to our name of being lazy gamers and just abuse all the hard work of the sites that figured it out already.

Want to know what it’s all about? Hit the jump.

Ok here it is in a nutshell.

The USB stick came with two files. A text document and an MP3.

The text document contained nothing but these words:

  • Cryptography
  • Isotope
  • Philanthropy
  • Hydrogen
  • Ember
  • Rebirth

The first letter of each word spells out “CIPHER”

The MP3 file contained some weird-ass noises, letters and numbers. I’ll get back to that in a sec.

The word CIPHER was just telling us what sort of code we are dealing with, but again, thanks to other sites that already figured this out we know the following.

The code eventually points to the website http://www.gknova6.com which brings up a strange image of a screen with JFK on it, and then plays out the MP3 file which I mentioned earlier.

First thoughts were that it was for a Bethesda game, but Bethesda confirmed that it had nothing to do with them (but got some free marketing in the process I guess). The latest thoughts are that it has to do with Activision and could possible involve the new Call of Duty from Treyarch.

You can read more info through the IGN link below.

Thanks to Joystiq, Geek.com and IGN for all their hard work.

Last Updated: April 13, 2010

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