Our third Gears of War vault winner is…

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Competitions, at times the bane of my life (you won’t believe how many people complain about free stuff) and at other times it’s one of the best things about having a website such as this.

Today thankfully is one of the latter days as we’re giving away our third Gears of War vault to one lucky reader and not only is this weeks winner a long time reader but he’s also a Gears of War player.

Granted the last I heard he had started turning his back on Gears of War 3 but somehow I think this may change his mind and get his trusty shotgun back into the battle.

Congratulations goes to Smit Snyman for being randomly picked as our third Gears of War 3 vault winner.

Hopefully this means he’ll be nice to me for the next 2 days at least…. yeah didn’t think so.

Anyway congrats Smit and as soon as the vaults arrive which should be this week we’ll organise to get it shipped off to you, can you drop me an email with your delivery address and contact number please.

Oh and if you haven’t entered yet then head on over to http://www.criticalhit.net/win/GOW3 and fill in the really simple form as we’re giving away the last vault this week.

If you don’t really know what the vault’s all about then check out Mojo’s review on Tegato, you don’t get more detailed than that.

Last Updated: October 3, 2011

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