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Over 10% of developers are currently working on PS5 and Xbox Series X games

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A console dawn may be on the horizon, but without the software to play it on those fancy consoles might as well be very expensive bricks to get excited for. It’s a given that Sony and Microsoft will have a selection of games ready for day one, but it’s the rest of the gaming industry that’ll be relied upon to give value to what will most likely be a console purchase that comes with a hefty price tag.

So how much of the industry is currently looking to bid farewell to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and look towards establishing a new community on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X? Plenty! Over at the Game Developers Conference, the annual State of the Game Industry survey of 4000 developers netted some interesting numbers.

While PC gamers will still have plenty of games to sink their teeth into as developers favour that platform and its ability to exist beyond gaming generations, over 10% of the developers quizzed confirmed that they’re making next-gen console games according to Games Industry Biz. Of the numbers gathered, 11% of developers said that they were making games for PS5 while 23% said their next project would target that console. Over on Xbox, the results were 9% for in-development games and 17% of studios aiming to launch their next game on Microsoft’s green brand.

Overall, 5% of polled developers said that they were going next-gen console exclusive while 34% of them confirmed that they’d launch on both current and next-gen devices. The Nintendo Switch, which exists in a unique niche of its own, will still see 17% of those developers releasing an upcoming project on the mobile wunderkind while 19% of studios had plans for their next game to pop up on the Big N’s hardware home ground.

The big question that GDC had for attendees wasn’t centered on which platform they’d be betting the farm on, but rather if those studios were keen on venturing into the world of video game streaming. With Google’s Stadia being an option while Microsoft continues to work on Project xCloud, the idea of instant access games via streaming options is a concept that is slowly becoming inevegetable invidible inedible CRAP C’MON inevitable yeah that’s the one.

After the numbers were tallied up, it was confirmed that only a mere 6% of developers were making games for Google Stadia while an even more embarrassing said that they were prepping a project for xCloud. It’s a safe bet that when this generation kicks off, the first year will likely see the biggest names in the business rolling out crowd-pleasing games to the masses, safe bets and big-budget AAA titles designed to be digital show-offs for the new technology you’re dying to show off in front of your friends.

Throw in a few remasters and a steady drip of indie titles, and the next generation will officially kick off with a schedule of games that is likely predictable if not solid. Although a part of me hopes that the PS5 will have a new Killzone game to launch with. Shadowfall was a damn fine masterpiece and this is a launch game hill that I am prepared to die on. Come at me bro.

Last Updated: January 27, 2020

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