Over 100 million people have played World of Warcraft

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I don’t know what it is about infographics that appeals to me so much but I have a thing for them. Yes I realise they are often just marketing junk with pretty pictures and we are just being the patsies of the media by re-posting it but come on it’s pretty.

There are also some really interesting stats in this infographic.

The online wiki for World of Warcraft is now over 100 000 pages long making it the largest online gaming wiki in existence. If you took all the audio out of the game and ran it end to end it would carry on going for around 3900 minutes or about as long as Zoe and Geoff can discuss dieting.

But World of Warcraft also has a story and since it has ben added to over the years the entire story is now over 6 million words long. That’s about 12 Lord of the Rings books. Makes you wonder how that World of Warcraft movie hasn’t happened yet.

Also make sure Peta isn’t told but there are 3.6 million pet battles every single day in the online universe.

Click this snippet below to view the entire infographic.

Last Updated: January 29, 2014

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