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Over 3 hours of Watch Dogs gameplay footage right here, including some brand new multiplayer

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The Watch Dogs review embargo lifts on the 27th of May, the same day the game is available for retail. Personally I’m always very wary of any game that doesn’t allow reviews to be published before release date.

It often feels like the company is trying to get as much early money in as they can since they know the game is going to be slammed in the reviews.

But I just can’t see that happening with Watch Dogs. It’s got itself a perfect release window, the early previews of the game have been fantastic and now Ubisoft has allowed a bunch of YouTubers to come to Pars to try the game out.

The YouTubers were allowed to record the footage and now over 3 hours of different sections of Watch Dogs is now available to … watch. I haven’t watched all three hours but they all seem to be running on the PlayStation 4 version which is being up scaled to 1080p, from 900p, and locked at 30 frames per second.

7 minute drive to traverse the map

First up we have a 7 minute video from PlayStation Access where they drive across the map as quickly as possible. In the video they debate whether the map is larger than GTA V or not with no solid conclusion but they do say it feels more alive.

Police Chase

Next up we have some police chase gameplay from clayman90. Where we get to see numerous hacking take downs of the cops which just looks awesome. We also get to see that you can adjust your view while driving to be either in the car or outside.

Spider Tank

Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever Spider Pig does… oh no wait that’s not right. It’s Spider Tank, here’s quick video of one of the virtual trips you can go on where you take control of a Spider Tank and destroy everything in your way. This one from Silentc0re

Skill Trees and Map Size

silentc0re is back with a quick video showcasing the skill trees in the game along with the size of the map and how you progress.


Oh and Ubisoft has been very sneaky and has managed to keep a special multiplayer mode secret right up until now. There isn’t much information about it but the objective is quite clear. You need to secure a digital file and decrypt it to win. Your team mates can speed up the decryption by staying close to you or rather setting up defensive positions to stop the enemy taking you out.

It looks like a ton of fun and I can’t wait to car surf down the main streets of Chicago blowing everything up.

Gameplay Walkthroughs

Quite a few of the videos that have arrived on YouTube are longer gameplay video’s and walkthroughs. I’m not going to break each one down so check below for the videos from GameRiot, docm77, vikkstar123, jackfrags and others mentioned above.

So that’s what we have so far. If these YouTubers are to be trusted the game is looking and playing fantastically and I guess if the game comes out to mediocre reviews then we know which YouTubers to no longer trust.

[Thanks to Brian Murphy for the tips]

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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