Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced by Codemasters

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Overlord! There’s something special about that game series. And it most likely appealed to me specifically, because it allowed players to cast their halo aside and be a horrible bastard for once. Overlord was making the use of minions cool long before Despicable Me hit the scene. And now the game is coming back for a third strike, albeit with some changes to the formula.

Following various teases (OH YOU SUCH A TEASE CODEMASTERS!), Overlord: Fellowship of Evil has been confirmed. This time though, the latest entry is doing what most other games these days do: Splitting the action four-ways. Players will work together with other Netherghuls, forming a team of four who will help bring down the sickly goodness that has plagued the land since the last Overlord was vanquished. The new Netherghuls include the warrior Inferna, the necromancer Malady, the Dwarven rogue Hakon and the Dark Elf Prince Cryos.

Players can still tackle a single-player mode however, using their horde of minions to achieve various objectives, although the emphasis will most certainly be on online co-op with this Overlord entry.  “We’ve been scheming about a new Overlord for some time,” Executive Producer Rob Elser said via PC Gamer.

We really wanted to do something that would allow us be evil alongside our friends, instead of the normal heroics in every other game. The idea of playing as a team of bad guys commanding Minions to do our utmost bidding, while also causing chaos for each other, just really made us smile. And as you know, an Overlord game never takes itself too seriously.

Rhianna Pratchett returns as scriptwriter for Overlord 3, with Pratchett tweeting that “Tone-wise OL:FoE is very much an OL game. Fits in with the established world and canon.” The game is out later this year, with its new evolved co-op taste and a sense of combat that feels faster than in previous incarnations.

Last Updated: April 24, 2015

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