Overwatch is getting a Chinese New Year event!

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The speculation is over! As fans had been guessing ever since game designer Jeff Kaplan teased that a new Mei legendary skin was coming, the theme of the next seasonal event for Overwatch will indeed be the Chinese New Year. Yes, Blizzard’s super popular multiplayer shooter will be celebrating the Year of the Rooster! (Inb4 any immature “cock” jokes).

The news was announced on the game’s official Twitter account, where the brand new Mei skin was revealed along with a 24 January start date for the event.

This is of course not the first Overwatch seasonal event that has featured Mei as she got her own game mode in the recent Winter Wonderland event over Christmas. There’s also already been some speculation that the red envelopes Mei is seen holding (traditional Chinese monetary gifts) could actually be the new lootboxes for the event.

Beside for Mei, there’s sure to be plenty of other themed skins, and we’ve already got our first look at one. The official Korean Twitter account for the game tweeted out its own message for event, revealing a very impressive D.Va skin that has both her mech decorated and making a departure from her usual tight bodysuits for a more traditional dress.

There’s no word yet on any further details, but based on the previous seasonal events we can probably expect a new game mode to go along with all the usual skins, sprays, character intros and emotes. What would you guys like to see?

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Last Updated: January 19, 2017

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  • Oh man that D.Va skin is amazing…. pity she’s been nerfed so badly recently so we won’t see it in action as much as it deserves

    • She has not been nerfed yet and is a little overpowered at this point. Unless you mean the PTR where people are actively trying to stop blizzard from making said nerf active.

      But yeah what an amazing skin.

      • yeah talking about the PTR which will go live because she’s overpowered… I went on a 30 kill streak yesterday and only ended on 30 because we won… she’s far too easy

        • Still … she is my faveroute character. Love that emote where she sits and plays games.

          • I think that nerf is really necessary. She’s too good at everything. Pretty much only counter right now is a Roadhog hook, but even then he can’t kill her immediately unless the rest of the team also focus fires on her.

            I don’t think the nerf is as extreme as people are making out though. She’ll still be very strong, but just not completely overpowered.

          • Oh don’t get me wrong. I am totally in agreement. Even though it pains me to say she does indeed require the nerf.

          • Admiral Chief

            Junkrat for me

        • Sageville

          You only got a 30 kill streak due to awesome healing!


  • And chances of me getting that Dva skins is fairly low. Days like these I wish you could just purchase that skins you want with money.

    • I’ve been saving my coins so even if it costs 3000 I can afford it 🙂

      • Generally event items you can’t buy.

        • ElNicko

          Actually you can buy them, but only during the event in question.

          • Hmm .. I was not able to buy the Christmas stuff I wanted. Maybe I just missed something.

          • ElNicko

            I had to buy the Pharah ‘Ice’ skin during the event as it was ending soon. Day that it ended, I managed to open that same skin.

          • During the Halloween event, I got Reinhard’s epic scene in every single one of the first 4 loot boxes in a row that I opened.

            For the Xmas event, I got Zarya’s Xmas gift emote a total of 7 different times.

          • ElNicko

            But How Kervyn ?? RNGeesus was definitely not with you when you opened those boxes

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Now Blizzard just need to add in the first South African Overwatch Hero.

    That would be funny as hell xD

    • Would be funny to see what they come up with as a hero from here but it would most likely offend tons of people.

      • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

        Vuvuzela Man xD

        • Hahahaha … That would be awesome.

          • Lu

            Yeah until you have to mute your speakers or listen to Bwaaaap Bwaaap Bwaaaap!

  • Admiral Chief

    Year of the cock?

  • Hargrim

    You want cock jokes? Go check out the Heroes of the Storm subreddit

  • Skittle

    Reinhardt event when?

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