Overwatch’s holiday event will kick off on December 13

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Overwatch Holiday Event header

Mei-rry Christmas!

Cast your memory back to around this time last year, when Overwatch was still in closed beta. If you were part of the cool kids who had access, you may remember that for Christmas, rather than letting us carry on playing and testing the game to our heart’s content, Blizzard decided to take their shooter on holiday instead, leaving us with nothing but tears.

Well, this year is definitely going to see a lot less crying from fans, because you know what? Overwatch is an actual, fully released product now, and it’s not going anywhere! In fact, Blizzard are looking to celebrate what’s been a damn successful year for their newest IP (seriously, it won Game of the Year at the Game Awards and everything) with a holiday event.

So, what do they have in mind for the festive season? We don’t have any solid details just yet I’m afraid (outside of some audio files), but we do at least know when exactly this new holiday event will kick off.

In the tweet we can see a very snowy King’s Row, along with a date of December the 13th. Why, that’s just next week!

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that we can expect a plethora of new cosmetics when that date rolls around. We’re talking skins, sprays, emotes… you get the idea.

Outside of that, I suspect we may be getting a new alternate game mode too.  I mean, why wouldn’t we? The Rio Olympics and Halloween both saw their own unique events added to the shooter for a limited time. I don’t see Blizzard now skimping on the festive season.

If for some reason they do, at the very least, we can look forward to kitting out our heroes in brand new holiday garb. Alessandro has asked Santa to give his Reinhardt a large cane of candy, and Darryn, a sleigh for his Reaper to ride in. FLY! FLY! FLY!

Last Updated: December 7, 2016

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • The Halloween event was pretty fun though. Looking forward this event. I want a christmas theme skin for my Mercy 😛

    • Matthew Figueira

      The Halloween event was EPIC! I loved it 😀

      Nooooo Mercy got the epic skin during Halloween 😛 it’s time Mei got something gooooooooood!

      • Ten to one it most probably will be Mei xD

        • Matthew Figueira

          MEI BODY IS READY!

          • Obligatory: MEI IS BEA!

          • Matthew Figueira

            AWWWW YISS <3

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            MEI SE MOER!

          • Andre Fourie

            Mei se mielie

      • Matthew Holliday

        pls no
        neb moar zarya skins
        my tank bae needs better outfits

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      Yeah man! Lets do it!

  • Andre Fourie


  • Excite… I can’t wait. My season 3 rank sucks at the moment… need to start knocking on that diamond door

    • Matthew Holliday

      Season 3 ranking?
      oh he went there, begin the rant.

      It uses where you ended off last season as a baseline (so placement matches are now completely redundant and irrelevant) I finished out at 1780(i think) after a good losing streak(down from 2270) then after my placement matches I got 1767 for S3.
      most of my friends ended up between 1-10 points difference between their season 2 end and the results after their placement matches.
      Stuck with the damn silver plebs because what are the point of placement matches?

      I, mad.

      • To be fair, I ended S2 at near Diamond and placed Diamond on PTR.
        S3 I placed high gold.

        Which sucks. I managed to get back into plat in 3 games and the climb should be easy.
        Placement needs to take your old rank into account, unless you want bronze players going up against diamond. Those placement matches would mean very little also.

        It’s a best of the worst system.

        • Matthew Holliday

          Okay yeah, using your previous seasons ranking to affect who you play your placement matches against could be good, but it just gets on my nerves that they have this amazing stat recording system, that details EVERYTHING, but is only used superficially and has no meaningful implementation.
          I feel like it could be used in some fashion to affect your ranking…

          Also yeah, I did get nearly 100 points or something from my first game, so I dont see myself being a silver pleb for very long(only played one game since placement)

          • I completely agree there could be a vastly better system with the amount of data they have. Maybe it’s time to make some assumptions on what data they have and draw up some statistical models that would improve the system.

            Placements should have more weight than they do now. People practice in scrims, headshot ana games and QP. Placement almost completely ignores these advances save for very specific circumstances.

  • Wonder if I can get this to run on VR.

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      Dude, lemme know!

      • I will upload a ton of VR vids when my vive arrives.

        • Admiral Chief Argonian

          I’ll film ’em…
          *waggles eyebrows*

          • Yeah … we already discussed this. No one wants to see “that”.

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            No no, not THAT video, the normal vive vids

          • Well you did emphasize the word “that”.I was led to believe it was about the hardware review we need but don’t deserve.

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Winston to get Harambe skin …. XD

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