Overwatch’s Sombra is STILL missing in action

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Overwtach Sombra

“Look Bill, there she isn’t!”

Remember in August, when I confidently wrote about how the reveal of Overwatch’s mystery character Sombra seemed imminent? Yeah, that was a long time ago – you can go ahead and laugh at the enthusiasm I had at the time.

Blizzard really have been dragging this goose chase out, haven’t they? When the saga first began back in July, fans were excited. They played the ARG eagerly, and they pieced together all the clues without question.

Now though, most people seem to be over the hype, and all we’ve been left with is this counter on amomentincrime.com. It’s been trickling up to 100% at a pace equivalent to slower than slow for over a month now. What will it do when it gets there (sometime in mid October according to educated guesses)? Who knows. One can only hope that Blizzard go ahead and put us out of our misery.

They do seem to be gearing up to some sort of announcement thankfully. Over the past few weeks, they’ve made the following adjustments to the shooter (via Overwatch Gamepedia):

After the September 1st patch, the Numbani news ticker was updated with the headline “LumériCo reports massive breach at Dorado power plant, latest attack in global hacking spree.”

With the September 22nd PTR patch, several in-game references were changed or added:

  • The terminals in the power plant were changed to display “ACCESSO NO AUTORIZADO: Protocolo Sombra V2.3”. In addition, the terminal screen was added to a room in Volskaya Industries.
  • Two of the Dorado newspapers, including the one with the Sombra article, had the headline “Ola Mundial de Hackios” added
  • The newspaper from King’s Row was added to other maps, including Temple of Anubis, Hollywood, and in the MV-261 Orca on the Control maps.

That changing of the terminal to say “Protocolo Sombra V2.3” in particular is quite interesting. The number 23 has been synonymous with the character from the very beginning (she is to be the 23rd character added to the game for example).

Oddly enough, over on amomentincrime.com, the protocol being initialized is v1.95. Has that number been gradually going up? I haven’t been paying close enough attention. If so, I’m sure it’ll hit v2.3 when it decides to reach 100% one day.

And when it does, please, just please, let there be a reveal. If Blizzard go ahead and release some other clue, or another timer for that matter, I’m going to be a tad annoyed.


Last Updated: September 29, 2016

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