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Pac-Man is back in a new adventure

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We have an obvious affinity for that classic yellow pie-chart icon of gaming, but Pac-Man is a series that’s struggled to really move beyond the confines of 2D maze running and pellet-chomping. Namco’s tried numerous times to modernise Pac-Man, with the most successful attempt probably being PacMan Championship Edition DX – which mostly stuck to the tried-and-tested formula. They’re trying the 3D adventure route again, with a brand new Pac-Man adventure.

Take a look.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is coming to PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360, with a side-scrolling version coming to 3DS,later this year Namco Bandai says. It’s also got  tie-in kids TV show with the same name coming in June.

"The game revolves around the vibrant universe of Pac-World, where Pacworlders lived in peace until the mischievous Netherworld ghosts, led by their wicked leader Betrayus, escaped from their ghoulish domain to forcibly take control of Pac-World. Pac-World’s only hope lies in the last surviving yellow Pacworlder, our hero with a voracious appetite."

Err. yeah. This is not the first time Pac-Man’s gone 3D; Pac-Man World on the PlayStation and its subsequent sequels were actually pretty tight platformers, but honestly, I feel Pac-Man works best in 2D. I do, however, love the character design and the nice, clean lines – but the world itself looks…barren.

Last Updated: May 15, 2013

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