Pachter Predicts – Xbox 360 Slim with bundled Natal for R2500

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Michael Pachter

This is pretty much exactly what I said a few weeks back but I guess Michael Pachter still has more sway in the world markets than we do.

According to his latest Pach-Attack he expects Microsoft to release a new slimmed down version of the Xbox 360 later this year and then bundle it with the Project Natal and keep the price exactly as it is.

This is by far the most logical decision and I would be very surprised if this didn’t pan out as planned.

The new Xbox 360 slim also won’t be called the slim for obvious reasons but will most probably just keep the same name. The console itself however will have a different CPU and GPU and will likely no longer have space for memory cards and the USB slots and power button will likely move around to save some space.

Also don’t be surprised if the ring of light is no more, no more ring = no more RROD.

Last Updated: May 3, 2010

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