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Pachter thinks Sony has no games

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Sony’s PlayStation platforms are well known for having more in the way of intriguing exclusives than the competition. That’s the perception, thanks to games like The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, inFamous and the like. But is it really true? The games industry analyst gamers love to hate doesn’t think so.

In the latest episode of  Bonus Round (via GameRevolution), Pachter said that PlayStation Now is a ridiculous service, and that Sony doesn’t have the money to go about licencing games – as Netflix does with content – for PlayStation Now.

Host and habitual Doritos muncher Geoff Keighly responded to Pachter’s criticisms saying that Sony has a wealth of first-party stuff they could offer on the service.

"But you know, Sony has a lot of first-party content," Keighley explained, to which Pachter replied: "A lot is a stretch. Thirty. They have thirty games."

Is he right? This exhaustive list of games published by Sony seems to disagree. Yes, I think perhaps Sony’s list of exclusive games this past generation has perhaps been overhyped a bit, but I think Pachter’s forgotten about the huge library and legacy of PlayStation1 and 2 games.

Many are convinced that Sony’s PlayStation Now is the catalyst that kills console gaming, but I’ve got to side with Pachter here. Though the service obviously works, I just don;t see it replacing dedicated gaming systems any time soon. In the not-too-distant future It very likely will be how games are delivered, but it’s just not feasible right now – but PlayStation Later doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

Last Updated: February 10, 2014

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