Pack a Broly for Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s secret character

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Do you even lift bru?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is all about creating your own story essentially. Thanks to a robust character creation suite, players can finally live out their dreams of creating the fattest Super Saiyan possible, but that might just be me. One other thing that it also happens to have however, is a ton of bad guys. And it looks like the game has been holding out, because one legen…wait for it…dary foe is waiting to turn your face into an Italian meatball recipe in that game.

According to the latest Weekly Shonen Jump via ShonenGamez, fan favourite revenge machine Broly will be present in the game, once the main story mode has been beaten. Here’s the scan, showcasing his Gigantic Slam and Gigantic Meteor attacks:


Broly is essentially the Super Saiyan cheat code of the Dragon Ball universe. Packing more muscle per square inch than an entire free weights section at the local Planet Hulk, Broly happens to have the fighting skills that border on an extinction-level event every time he throws a punch. He’s also about as mentally stable as an Irish-whip off the top turnbuckle from Triple H, and is about as indestructible as Mel Gibson’s career. He’s a hard bastard, is what I’m saying.

He’s popped up in several movies already, turning his first appearance into a Royal Rumble event that he almost won single-handily before he was outclassed by a MacGuffin, popping up in two more sequels over the years. He also happens to be one of my favourite characters from the old Tenkaichi Budokai series of games, as his attacks usually consisted of pure hate punches coated in the remains of your face.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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