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Patch 6.2 for League of Legends is here!

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League of Legends Patch 6.2

Riot are taking that age old saying (SEE: trending on Twitter pre and early 2016), “#NewYearNewMe” just a little too seriously. In January alone, they announced Jhin (a brand new champion), reworked Shen (he’s no longer old school), released patch 6.1 (omg new Champion Select), and now, before Feburary rears its ugly face, they’ve decided to drop patch 6.2!

6.1 and 6.2 are our ‘preseason followup’ patches, and we’ve been pretty happy with how things are trending. We’re seeing some cool diversity picks in competitive games (little suspicious of that Lissandra support), a lot of major outliers are calming down (although Graves and a few others may need to be checked), and the season’s start is upon us.

In light of the above, 6.2’s very straightforward. The most exciting things I’d want to highlight (aside from the release of Jhin, the Shen update, and the Nunu buffs) are very ‘under-the-hood’ with the ward debris and wall collision detection changes. The wall collision changes are pretty important but self-explanatory, so go read the note. On the point of ward debris: we still firmly believe that there needs to be some way to learn one of the most critical (and often game-winning) systems in League of Legends, so shiny little ghost-wards is where we’re at. Clarity.

Unfortunately, Handsome Jack Jhin isn’t available just yet. He should be out next week though. Shen on the other hand, is now out and available from some new ninja shenanigans!

Other than that, patch 6.2 comes packed with the usual balancing, along with some changes to ward debris and wall collision detection. You can read about those in more detail over on the update page.

As always, if you couldn’t be bothered to do, I don’t know, actual reading, Blakinola has you covered. As usual, he’s put out TL;DR video. Just be sure to skip ahead to the minute mark if you want nothing but a summary of what’s important in patch 6.2.

And that’s it! Are you excited to play Shen? Are you even more excited to get your hands on Jhin next week? He certainly looks like a lot of fun!

Last Updated: January 28, 2016

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