Pay $20 for the entire Bioshock series and 6 more games

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The latest Humble Bundle is an absolute killer of a deal for fans of excellent games and anyone with any modicum of taste at all actually.

The 2K Humble Bundle will give you the following 9 games for a mere $20

  1. Bioshock
  2. Bioshock 2
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. XCOM: The Bureau (not the good XCOM)
  5. The Darkness 2
  6. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (the good one)
  7. Mafia 2
  8. Spec Ops: The Line
  9. Mystery Title

As with all Humble Bundles you can choose to pay whatever you want for the 3 base games which are Bioshock, The Darkness 2 and the bad XCOM.

Or pay above average (currently $7.23) to throw in Bioshock 2, Spec Ops, Mafia 2 and the mystery game. But paying the full price of $20 to get Bioshock Infinite and the good XCOM game thrown in with the other 7 is an absolute no brainer.

And what makes it great is that a share of the money goes to charity with Action Against Hunger and The Red Cross benefiting this time. So unless you’ve played every single one of those games I can’t see any logical reason not to head over to the Humble Bundle page and part with some cash.

Last Updated: July 9, 2014

Gavin Mannion

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