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Epic PCIn an interview with CVG, the CEO of Bioware Ray Muzyka told them that the PC gaming market is doing very well and the ‘PC gaming is dying’ claims is a load of nonsense.

According to Muzkya, PC gaming has is a changing environment through casual games, cheap flash-based games and the popularity of MMO’s. So while ‘conventional’ PC gaming isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be due to the price of affording hardware for games like Crysis and piracy (no pc gaming article is complete without piracy mentioned), a new type of gaming has taken its place where stuff like hardware is almost a non-issue.

Anyone with a decent internet connection can enjoy MMOs either through addiction or casual playing. Flash-based and browser-based games simply need a free program to run them, and casual games are cheap to buy and cheap to play. Look at the unmitigated success of the Peggle franchise, Newgrounds and Kongregate, and anything Blizzard creates to find examples in the success of all three of those gaming mediums.

Bioware is still pumping massive amounts of time and money in the so-called ‘dying’ platform with the development of Dragon Age:Origins and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO. So they must surely have a lot of faith in the platform.

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He went on to say (via CVG);

“It’s not a bad thing if people want to play more types of games than they did 20 years ago, it’s natural and normal as the audience and technology evolves… As creators we have to adapt to that and continue to make sure that we’re satisfying the audience, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise.”

“We can still make deep rich experiences but we have to make them easy to access, you have make the control system really easy to use, and you have to make people feel like they’re playing an experience that they can play how they want to play it, whether that is long sessions or short sessions.”

Steam springs to mind from that quote. A on-demand service with games ranging from casual to uber-hardcore on one service? It was an almost revolutionary concept, beside the initial hiccups with HL2, when it launched. Unfortunately, due to our bandwidth being so limited and the cost being so high to fully enjoy a service like a Steam, or the more bandwidth-demanding MMOs, we still have to resort to conventional avenues to get the games we want. Luckily, the new crop of casual games (Crayon Physics Deluxe is phenomenal) are such small downloads that we can acquire them with the same ease as our European/American/Asian brethren.

PC gaming, may you live longer than I.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: January 20, 2009

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