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I really don’t know what the fascination is with birds in gaming lately. Remember Hatoful Boyfriend? That game is odd because you take the role of a human character in a world packed with pigeons. Your goal? Socialise with and date them. Thankfully, this newest avian title on Kickstarter is more believable… somewhat. It’s called Aviary Attorney, and you take on the role of a bird-brained lawyer, literally.

No really, here’s the premise and trailer for the game (via Destructoid).

The year is 1848. Paris is on the brink of yet another revolution, and the prisons are overflowing with guilty and innocent alike.

In the dusty and neglected Aviary Attorney legal offices, Jayjay Falcon and Sparrowson receive a lucrative offer. Bourgeoisie kitten Caterline Demiaou has been accused of murder, and the Demiaou estate are willing to pay a sizable sum for a defense lawyer who can claim a Not Guilty verdict. Falcon will surely take on the case, but is somebody conspiring to stop him?

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Alright fine, it looks like an ordinary Phoenix Wright lawyer game (albeit with birds and other animals) where you’ll need to find clues, talk to people, present in court, and so on. What I found interesting about though was the inspiration behind it.

The idea for Aviary Attorney came about after we discovered the beautiful but mostly forgotten artwork of J. J. Grandville. After having to abandon traditional newspaper caricatures due to government censorship, Grandville moved towards creating more whimsical and surreal lithographs for fiction writers. Among other works, he produced the bizarre drawings for “the Public and Private Life of Animals”.


It’s such an odd idea, but there’s something about it that has me interested. At time of writing, the Kickstarter has reached £5,366 of its £7,000 goal. With 24 days left to go, I’m pretty certain that this game will take off.

What do you reckon? Is this a genius idea or is it for the birds?

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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