People are paying too much for Destiny’s Ghost Edition

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The biggest problem with Limited or collector’s editions of games these days is that they’re not especially limited. So what happens when something like Destiny’s genuinely limited Ghost Edition sells out? It goes up on eBay, of course. People have started putting up their yet-to-be-released Destiny Ghost Edition pre-orders for sale on eBay…and unsurprisingly, people are buying them.

Destiny’s Ghost Edition is reportedly in rather short supply, with large retailers like Walmart having had to cancel pre-orders, as they just couldn’t keep up with demand.

While most of them seem to have hovered around the $300 price, as stock for the Ghost edition becomes even more scarce, prices have started hovering. Take a look at this one, for the Xbox One, which has just closed at just over $1000 – or nearly R11 000.


That is a heck of a lot of money for a game and a bauble that talks, if you ask me. This is a new sort of madness, and proves just how popular Destiny already is, and how popular its likely to be. Activision’s half a billion dollar (words!) Destiny gamble may well pay off.

Last Updated: August 4, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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