People are scalping the Nintendo Classic Mini NES online, because of course they are

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NES Mini[3]

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES launched worldwide last week, and as expected, it sold like hotcakes. I mean, how could it not? It’s a slice of gaming nostalgia, packaged into the teeniest tiniest, most adorable looking console shell I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and all at a fairly reasonable price too. Here in South Africa for example, you can look at picking up your own baby NES for about a grand.

If you do intend to buy one, I’d suggest you act immediately. I can’t speak for our stock levels locally, but I do know that the Nintendo Classic Mini NES has basically sold out across the rest of the globe, which has lead to surge of scalpers on popular resale websites like Amazon and Ebay (via Nintendo Life).

Naturally, they’re selling the little device at exuberant prices. Just take a look at some of these listings:

Here’s the photo accompanying that last listing:


This person went out and bought two NES Classic consoles, and they’re selling them at nearly six times the original price. That’s madness!

I’ll never understand hype culture, at least not on this level. What would possess somebody to go out and spend that much cash, when they could, you know, simply wait for more stock to arrive. It’s not like the Classic Mini NES was a one time run or anything. In fact, Nintendo are well aware of the stock issue:

Personally, I’d wait. As much as I’d love to have my own Nintendo Classic Mini NES, I just can’t see myself spending anything more than what I would at a retail store. If anything, with that sort of extra cash, I’d rather just go ahead and splurge on the original device – a true collector’s item.

Last Updated: November 14, 2016

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