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PETA are insane and are now attacking Mario

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PETA*, the people for eating tasty animals, have long been known for using shock tactics to try and get their point across about what they see as animal cruelty.

I think their claim to fame is when they started throwing paint on ladies wearing fur coats and have gone on from there to bless the world with hundreds of posters of naked super models. I’ve never really seen the link between naked ladies and being kind to animals but I support that marketing campaign 1000%.

What I don’t support is when they attack our video games and our heroes such as Mario.

Apparently the Super Mario bros titles are brainwashing us into accepting animal abuse and this needs to stop. I thought about it for a moment and honestly had to agree as I’ve massacred thousands of tortoises playing Mario Bros and maybe I really am a bad person for never feeling bad about that.

But then I checked out their website and apparently I was wrong, it’s not our shelled friends that they are up in arms about but rather that Mario sometimes wears a Tanooki suit to give him special powers.

Or in other words, you know that part in Mario where you pick up that magical leaf that gives you a Tanooku suit to fly around? That’s evil and is corrupting our youth as it makes us think that skinning an animal and wearing it’s skin will give us super powers… they may actually be onto something here.

But anyway, generally it’s advisable to just ignore PETA but this time they’ve actually made a game about the raccoon trying to get his skin back from Mario, it’s incredibly difficult and disturbing and that’s why we strongly recommend you try it out by clicking here

While there you can also try out Super Tofu Boy… blergh

*Yes I realise PETA doesn’t stand for that but it really should

Last Updated: November 15, 2011

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