PETA chooses Fable 2 as its GOTY, does their opinion matter?

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has bestowed Fable 2 with Most Animal-Friendly Video Game of the year award.

I see two problems with this:

1.) So it can be animal-friendly but you hack humans to beyond recognition and that’s ok?

2.) Does PETA’s opinion on games mean anything to anyone?

I mean really, its fictional violence so it has no tangible affect on real life animals, or real life anything for that matter.

What is the audiences opinion, does PETA’s opinion matter at all?

[Ed] What I found really weird is that firstly KFC didn’t win anything and secondly one of the winners was in the category “Norfolk, Virginia’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant” but there wasn’t a category for any other town. I wonder how much they paid to get their own category?

Source: Peta Awards

Last Updated: January 7, 2009

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