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Peter Moore could be named EA CEO shortly

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It must be terrible to find out that you are about to be fired from the media but if you are the current EA CEO, John Riccitiello, then that is exactly what is happening at the moment as the media is a buzz with the news that industry stalwart and current EA COO is about to be promoted into the CEO position due to EA’s current falling stock price.

A CEO being removed due to a falling stock price is nothing new and is par for the course if that is your chosen profession but maybe more worryingly in the second part of the news where John is also being lined up for the chopping block due to a “general feeling of tension” within the companies studios.

Which basically means that he isn’t doing a good job on the financial or people management side of the business and as such his time is ticking.

Peter Moore is a longstanding industry veteran and an obvious choice to be promoted to the CEO spot, he also has always come across as a pretty decent guy all round so this will likely be a welcome move if EA decides to follow through with the rumours after their July 30th earnings call.

The only difference we may notice if this happens is that EA may start being friendlier to Microsoft and start sharing their exclusives more, however we don’t know if the Sony exclusive bandwagon is Peter or John’s idea so nothing may change.

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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