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Phil Fish lashes out at gamers again

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Phil Fish lashes out at gamers again 2

Phil Fish, the egotistical and self righteous developer of Fez has once again lashed out at the very people who gave him his money and showcased just what sort of person he truly is.

In response to twitter questions about whether he is ever going to make Fez 2 Phil shot back the following

Now Phil can make, or not make, whatever he feels like but his bizarre attitude towards gamers is definitely not winning him any friends. And while he may be comfortable now I’m wondering how the industry is going to view him when he needs to make another game to get some more cash.

I had to agree with one of the responses to his tweet.

What I find truly ironic about the entire Phil Fish debacle is that Phil is convinced all gamers are whiny self-entitled jerks and in reality the only whiny self-entitled douche I’m seeing here is Phil himself. The only reason he receives so much abuse is because he makes himself a public figure and isn’t afraid of sharing his opinion. That’s all good and well but then you need to accept that people are going to give it back.

Just because you think you are right doesn’t mean you actually are. My wife tells me this all the time.

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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