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Phil Harrison quit over PS4 plans

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Phil Harrison

Everyone was taken by suprise when Phil Harrison quit Sony earlier this year just as the PS3 started to get into its stride.

After years of abuse you would think that he would have enjoyed having a bit of time to revel in the PS3’s success. But instead he quit without reason in early February and joined Infogrames instead.

However the latest rumour that has been let out of the paddock is that Phil actually quit because of the PS4. Apparently he saw himself getting involved in another long PlayStation cycle and just couldn’t handle the thought.

Now some unscrupulous people are using this to prove that the much lauded 10 year PS3 life cycle is a lie and that Sony are going to be releasing a new PS4 much sooner than anyone thinks. I personally don’t think this shows anything of the sort. You can bet your mortgage on the fact that the tech team of Sony were starting to think about the PS4 even before the PS3 was released as that is the nature of the beast.

I would really like to see true multi-screen gaming in the PS4 though.. which I expect to land before 2014 after Microsoft releases their next monster in 2011.

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Last Updated: August 5, 2008

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