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Phil Spencer seems like a genuinely nice guy. Since becoming head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, he changed a bunch of things, prompting people to ask if he would have changed more if he’d been running the show from the start. His response proves that he won’t throw people under the bus just to make himself look good.

During IGN’s Podcast Unlocked (thanks Dualshockers), Spencer was asked if he would have made the Xbox One more powerful if he’d been involved in the planning phase. His answer makes a whole lot of sense, and shows how much of a nice guy he is:

It’s easy for me to say yes, and I know to a lot of people that would make me seem like a better guy… I don’t know. I know the people that make those decisions and I don’t know the realities of the situations when they made those decisions, so it’s easy to me to sit back now and say “ok, we would have built a three teraflops box and sold it for 99 dollars” but I don’t know.

I don’t know what trade-offs they were making, cause we didn’t make all the decisions as the leadership team. I was making content decisions. So I think it’s a little unfair for me to go back and kinda cherry pick a certain decision on “hey what RAM do we pick” or the ESRAM thing, or the HDMI in, what we’ve done with Kinect, whatever it is, and just say “Oh, I’m all-knowing at this point and knowing where we are now, I would have changed these decisions.”

[…] And the box, from a reliability standpoint, I mean I lived through red rings on 360 and other things, has been significantly better than we were at the launch of 360 which has been great. I’m not ashamed of the hardware that we have anyway, and if somebody asks me “Should I go buy an Xbox One” I can definitely tell them from the content that we have and the platform that we have, and the services that we have, and for the hardware that we have, “yes.”

I can make a commitment to them that they’re buying into a platform that I’m committed to, across all facets of that platform, and that we’re gonna make this platform as great as we can for them.

I’m sure plenty of people were expecting him to say something horrible about his predecessors, but this answer actually makes a whole lot of sense. He recognizes that people did the best they could with the knowledge that they had at the time. To point fingers now would just undermine the console itself.

Whatever his real opinion is, it’s too late to undo what was done. The most Spencer can do now is show some solidarity and fix the things that can be changed. By pushing quality content and plenty of games, the Xbox One will prove its relevancy this generation, regardless of resolution issues. Now frame rate problems on the other hand…

Last Updated: October 23, 2014

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