If there’s one thing that I’m digging about Destiny, it’s the style of that game. It’s got that space-knight hook and grand scope that looks simply gorgeous. And it’s all yours to customise when the game launches in 2014.

Speaking to the PS Blog, Bungie’s David Dague said that game characters were designed to be more like the knights of old than the soldiers of today as they took on quests to find the secrets of the lost Golden Age of humanity.

“It’s definitely a story about redemption, about digging into our past to understand what happened and to secure our future,” Dague said. Bungie is still touting the game as decision-heavy, something that is reflected in the class you choose to play as in the game. You’ve got Titans who are the heavy-hitters of the game, the Hunters who use stealth to their advantage and the Warlocks who wield the “power of the Travellers”.

“These all provide different options for how you’ll look, how you’ll fight and what your combat style is,” Dague said.

The Armour they will have will tell us which missions they’ve completed, which destination they like to visit most often, and so on. I think the strongest teams will be the ones where each player chooses a distinct role, uses different powers and different abilities. They all have different ways of backing each other up.

Dague said that Destiny also features more weapons than any other game from the Bungie catalogue, and that all these weapons are up for grabs, provided that you can find them.

They will have to go out and defeat enemies to complete their missions, to acquire those weapons and include them in their inventory. You can have three weapons equipped at any time in Destiny. The more you use those weapons, the more they become dangerous over time.

Weapons are upgradeable and can have a touch of customisation in the game, something which will lead to them having different appearances. Because you just know that if you join me in a game, I’ll be spending hours looking at the pixels on your handgun. “It’s all about choices. The first step you take in the game is the most important one,” Dague said.

Given the different ways of playing Destiny, and given the fact that the game is completely dynamic and will be different every time you experience it with other people, the amount of time that we’ll be relevant to the gamers who decide to play it is something that we think will be a very long life-cycle. The idea is to create a world that you can visit over and over again.

We’re giving players the complete control of their experience with Destiny. They make decisions as to what they are participating in, they choose their path. But everything that they will do will have them in this living social world where they will cross paths with other heroes.

Dague also mentioned that the new development tools that Bungie had built for Destiny, allowed them to optimise the game for any platform that it was released on. “It’s going to be great for any of the consoles that we deliver it to,” Dague said.

Destiny is out next year on Playstation3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014. And if you join me in that game, I’ll remind you that my guns are down here.

Last Updated: September 5, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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