Pirating The Witcher 2 Could Get You Fined!

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CD Projeckt’s The Witcher was a pretty damned good single-player RPG (and it had boobs!). The sequel, due soon, is being shipped without any forms of overtly draconian DRM (if purchased from GoG.com) – and being a single player game it’s especially prone to being pirated.

You might not want to add this one to your list of torrents when it releases next year though, because CD Projeckt will be actively hunting down pirates – who could face fines and legal action.

“Of course we’re not happy when people are pirating our games, so we are signing with legal firms and torrent sneaking companies,” CD Projekt co-founder Marcin IwiÅ„ski said to Eurogamer. “In quite a few big countries, when people are downloading it illegally they can expect a letter from a legal firm saying, ‘Hey, you downloaded it illegally and right now you have to pay a fine.’”

“We are totally fair, but if you decide you will not buy it legally there is a chance you’ll get a letter.”

This is similar to the aggressive tactics taken by the music and movie publishers. It’s a step in the right direction and could serve as a wake-up call for pirates who believe there are no consequences to their actions – but it’s probably the wrong way to go about doing it. In countries where bandwidth flows like urine down an oversaturated incontinent’s leg, unsecured Wi-Fi is pretty prevalent – and unscrupulous pirates could use other people’s assigned IP’s to download the illegal wares. Should they match those IP’s to illicit downloads, the wrong people could end up being penalised.

I’m all pirates being taken to task for their digital thievery – but being slapped with fines (or worse) when you’ve done nothing wrong? That’s not fine.

Source : Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 23, 2010

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