Pixel Boy gets Greenlit

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You all should know by now how much I enjoyed Pixel Boy at rAge. The game was fantastic and loads of fun, and the guys behind it were really nice. Now, it looks like other people agreed and made their voices heard.

That’s right, over on Steam, Pixel Boy has gotten the Greenlight. Considering how short a time the game has been listed on Greenlight, this just shows the fantastic ground surge that came up around Pixel Boy. It was definitely a favorite at rAge, getting attention from all types of gamers and industry professionals.


Congratulations to Dave and Dom – you built a great game and we’re excited to see a local game garner this much attention! I hope we see more locals seeing similar success. We should push Valve to make a little South African gaming storefront where you can pick up Desktop Dungeons, Broforce and Pixel Boy. So great to see the fantastic local talent doing well in the international scene.

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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