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Play Borderlands 2 in your browser right now!

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Well…sort of. What you can play instead is a 16-bit demake of Borderlands 2 – as if it were your typical Amiga game. You get to choose from any of the four heroes from Borderlands 2 – Salvador, Zer0, Axton and Maya – and take out a top-down Arena of psychos midgets, skags and all sorts of other fuzzy sprite-based Borderlands baddies. It’s pretty addictive (just like Borderlands!) and comes complete with tons of guns, Claptrap and levelling up.

You can play it here – but be warned the site is taking a stern hammering, so might take a while to load up.

Joining in the nostalgic fun is a video review of Borderlands 2’s 16 bit version from 1989 – including what could be the world’s very first video-game related freakout captured on faux film. Borderlands 2 is currently the Lazygamer team’s most anticipated game – and everything else is going to take a bit of a backseat come September 21.

Last Updated: September 22, 2017

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