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Play games with us this Friday

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Killzone shadowfall

I like playing games with our community – it’s fun and welcoming. Plus, unlike our community get togethers, it doesn’t involve consuming something I shouldn’t. That’s right, I was duped into smashing something in my face again – not a chili, but rather an awful syringe of deathly booze. At least when we play games together, I only have to worry about you all killing me off – that’s way better!

In case you didn’t notice from the little event widget on the right, Friday is our next community let’s play evening. We decided to let the console gamers in on the fun this time, so there isn’t going to be a vote – there aren’t enough PS4 games worthy of a vote. So, for those of you who own a PS4, join us on Friday evening (7pm) for some Killzone: Shadowfall. I’m telling you in advance because apparently there’s an update – 311MB update, in fact.

I know not all of you have a PS4 – I’m one of you. So, for the non-PS4 owners among you, we will run another L4D2 game. Depending on numbers, we’ll try to have a 4v4 match – it is far too much fun playing as infected. I know it’s tricky with L4D2 because each game can only take a max of 8 people, but we will try to organize well and get as many community members into games with each other as possible.

Geoff and Darryn, our PS4 owners, will be available for multiplayer. In case you still haven’t added them, their PSN IDs are OddSockZA and Darranged respectively. Gavin and I will be representing the L4D2 crowd on Steam (be sure to join our group).

We are still new at this whole organizing online playtime thing, so please feel free to give us advice and input. Also, we’re sorry in advance if anyone gets left out – we really are trying to be as inclusive as possible.

I’m testing some new dev stuff so you can ignore this line, or you can be part of the experiment and click this link

Last Updated: February 3, 2014

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