Play Loadout with us tonight

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Loadout burn

Are you ready to Loadout? Well, the guys are! Tonight is our community play night, and we’re amped to blow off some steam from this crazy week – time to pew pew to our heart’s content with Loadout.

Millions of people are playing Loadout, apparently, We want to be cool like them, and like you… or do we want you to be cool like us? I’m not really too sure about this whole cool thing, but we should all play some Loadout and find out. It is still rather weird – it doesn’t automatically input your Steam friends into your Loadout friends list. So, be sure to get onto Steam at 7pm and join our Steam Group (if you haven’t already). Assuming they have power, the guys will be in the group chat so people can share their Loadout nicknames.

We found last time that having our awesome mumble server was a big help. We were able to chat even across different games – fun times had by all. So, load up your Loadout, get your mumble client up and running and join us tonight for some fun, silly and teabagging-filled gaming fun. See, who needs Titanfall? We can still pew pew pew!

Apologies in advance, I won’t be joining in tonight. Instead, I will be spending quality family time that includes fire and ribs. And drinking. But I’ll be thinking of you all. You’re also sorta like family. Right?

Last Updated: March 7, 2014

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