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Play Team Fortress 2 in true virtual reality?

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We’re still a long way from the holodeck dream that Star Trek gave us so many years ago but we are getting closer to the idea of an immersive virtual reality experience. With the Oculus Rift VR headset and a Virtual Omni VR Treadmill you can get a taste of it.

Check the video below to see the closest we are able to get to a virtual reality Team Fortress 2 experience.

That weird thing he (she?) is running on is called the Virtual Omni VR Treadmill and it allows you to run in any direction while staying absolutely still.

However it’s even more impressive than that, take a look at this video of the early prototype and you can see not only can it do multiple directions and speeds but it can also sense jumping, leaning and strafing.

Granted it makes a bit of a noise but I’m hoping they’ll sort that out.

The creators of this gizmo are planning on holding a  – of course – Kickstarter campaign  in the near future and if all goes to plan you’ll be able to own your own omni treadmill and headset for between R4000 and R6000… which is a lot but I could see these things popping up in malls and arcades at that price.

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

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